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Forget-Me-Not Collection

Influenced by the meaning of the Forget-Me-Not flower, the name itself implies the emotion it evokes. Offered as a gift of love and friendship, an admiring token or a memento of celebration, it is believed the person who receives this flower will not be forgotten.

To embody this gesture we found artisans able to hand-carve flowers in a variety of materials and colors. The Forget-Me-Not Collection pairs these with delicately sculpted hands, inspired by antique mourning jewelry and images from old master paintings or Victorian calling cards. Our designs for earrings and a choker are set in 18 kt yellow gold vermeil and portray the hands, carved in mother-of-pearl and ebony wood, offering unique floral assortments from a single bud to a luxuriant bouquet.

While the flower is the source of the collection’s name and inspiration, it is the symbolism of the hand that has most influenced what these pieces of jewelry represent. We were raised to always lend a helping hand, whenever and however it was needed and in today’s world, these kind gestures are ever more meaningful. Our hope with this collection is to celebrate this generosity of spirit and in the end, each piece holds a unique story or significance for those in its presence. With a name like Forget-Me-Not who would dare not to remember it!