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Super Diva Earrings

How the "Super Diva" came to be...

In early November, Rachelle Hruska Macpherson, a beach buddy from Montauk, invited us to the soon-to-be Lingua Franca Store on Bleecker Street. We had just returned from a work trip to Italy and were excited to show off the latest designs for our new Forget-Me-Not Collection. As soon as Rachelle saw these earrings, which feature an elegant gold and antique lace cuff, she pointed to a portrait of Ruth Bader Ginsburg hanging in the store exclaiming "it's Ruth!" noting the cuff's resemblance to the Honorable's collar. We had not anticipated our antique vision to relate to such a modern trailblazer and were really quite pleased!  So in honor of the Notorious RBG, and all of you movers and shakers out there, we named these earrings the "Super Diva." Wear them and make it happen!