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Adornments Collection

The Adornments Collection, our second collection, embodies the spirited playfulness that is Of Rare Origin. Once again combining the old with the new, elegance with humor, the Adornments Collection is a series of necklaces and earrings celebrating the luster of pearls, pairing them with witty charms—such as an enamel apple and evil eye, entitled “Apple of my Eye”—or hand-wrapping them in a regal trellis of gold vines and diamonds. The pieces are inspired by many winter favorites from snowfalls to garlands, to the spirit of love and celebration, and of course, turtlenecks and layering! Each of the pearls used is as unique as a snowflake and the detailed handiwork is shaped by each pearl's individual rhythm, making each piece one of a kind. These pieces are not only beautiful but can be worn day or night, and are easy to gift to a loved-one as well.